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When you write a song it doesnt matter who you are, who you have been, or what you have done. You can drain you'r soul into a song. When you hear a song that comes from the heart, you feel it in you'r heart.

I started this community as a way for songwriters to get honest opinions on their songs.

When you join all i ask that you post a small application just so we can get to know you.

Country Fan for how long:
Top 3 Fav. Country Artists:
What instruments do you play and for how long:
What is your fav. thing about song writting:

We have song basic rules here which I think are understandable:
1. If you dont like someones song, feel as open as you like to say so, explain why-but PLEASE dont be too rude about it.
2. No cussing. If its in your lyric thats fine, but otherwise its not necessary. Keep in mind words such as retard, fag and gay ARE CONSITERED CUSS WORDS BY THIS COMMUNITY!
3. No plagarizing. Dont post someone else's song and claim it your own. Your not being honest with us and its not a nice thing to do towards the person(s) who actually wrote it.
4. Post all lyrics under a cut <*lj-cut*> <*lj-cut text="Optional text here"*> just take our the *'s.
5. Please promote. There are a few banners I have made that you can use to promote (i will have them up soon), but feel free to make you own.