MTMoose (moosemus) wrote in countrysongs,

Howdy, Y'all

Hi folks, My name is Rich, better known as Moose to my compadres. I have been listening to country music for the whole 30 Years I have been kickin around this world. As far as my favorite singers go, that is a hard order to fill. Country is so broken into time periods as far as I am concerned. I spose number 1 would have to be Merle Haggard, 2nd: Conway Twitty, 3rd: Tracy Byrd.

I play the piano, trumpet and guit-fiddle. 

I've been writing music for about 12 Years now. I love it because it is a personal release and a great way to get people to feel and understand what it is you are trying to express in a song.

 Curious question for y'all now, is this group actually active, the last post was almost a year ago?
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