John L. (gbdances) wrote in countrysongs,
John L.

Obligatory Intro ... (hey ya'll)

Name: John Litzenberg
Age: 41
Country Fan for how long: 35 years
Top 3 Fav. Country Artists: Merle Haggard, Bill Monroe, Lefty Frizzell
What instruments do you play and for how long: violin (33 years), rhythm guitar (32 years), lead guitar (25 years), piano (30 years), clarinet (30 years), bass [upright & electric] (25 years), accordian (5 years), mandolin (3 years), lap steel (5 years), dobro (1 year), singer-songwriter (33 years - first song at age 9, first stage appearance at 8)
What is your fav. thing about song writing: I like that sometimes, every once in a great while, you can tap into the essence of an experience or event, and talk about it, in a song, so that others not only understand where you are coming from, but also connect to the underlying meaning in their own unique and personal way. If you can write a song like that, you can affect the way people look at beauty, and as a result change their lives and the world.
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