Edward (alive3times) wrote in countrysongs,

[obligatory entry post, [with title]]

Name: Edward
Age: 19
Country Fan for how long: 15-17 years. A long time, anyway.
Top 3 Fav. Country Artists: Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam, and Willie Nelson.
What instruments do you play and for how long: Bass- almost 4 years; guitar- almost 3; Mandolin roughly 2, 2 and 1/2; voice- a long time.
What is your fav. thing about song writing: The false feeling of accomplishment. Feeling for a while that I've really done something this time, but then realizing I have yet to change the world.

I listen to a lot more music than just country, but I've listened to country music and soul/R&B longer than other type, so I seem to be based in those.

I can be scary, funny, absurd, or just fun, but all I aim to be is "not boring."
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